Mary Haas' Thai-English Student's Dictionary

I don’t really have much to say in the way of a review of Mary Haas’ classic “Thai-English Student’s Dictionary” but it’s such an invaluable resource for learning Thai that I wanted to make sure it was mentioned so aspiring Thai language learners would know that it’s available and recommended. To my knowledge this is the definitive Thai-English dictionary in terms of completeness. For day-to-day use I am still preferential to kun Becker’s dictionary, but Mary Haas’ dictionary is definitely more complete.

Two very small details that I don’t like about this dictionary: first, the text is VERY small. And when I mean small, I mean I literally need a magnifying glass a lot of the time in order to find what I’m looking for. I understand why it was done this way; it’s a hard-cover book and given the number of entries the book would have been huge if the text was larger. Still, it’s hard-to-read. Second, I really wish they had made the word entries in bold text. Although they tried very hard to lay the text out so it’s obvious which is the word/entry and which is the definition and subsequent explanations that follow, I get easily lost due to text size and amount of information. If they had put the entries in bold it would make things much easier. But, the book was published in the 1950’s and will certainly not be changed or updated, so we will all just have to live with it.

All in all this is an absolute MUST HAVE resource, so be sure to pick up your copy while they are still available.