Travel Day! 25 hours in the air, 5 hours in airports, 2 layovers, and plenty of sleep deprivation. All in all the flights were all very smooth. On the last leg – Tokyo to Bangkok – Mom upgraded our seats to Business Class; I don’t think I’m ever going to want to fly coach again. The fact that I could literally put my seat all the way into a flat, lying position, in and of itself is reason enough. Add to that the excellent service, more room, and better entertainment options and I’m sold.

Mom at Philly Airport

Me and Mom at Philly airport, waiting to board our first plane of the day


Josh in Business Class

Business Class rocks!

I knew we were in trouble as soon as our plane touched down in Bangkok and all of the plane windows fogged up. We felt a small blast of it when we stepped off the plane and into the exitway.

Welcome to Bangkok

Welcome to Thailand!

The airport is very nice. Clean and large, it took a while to walk to immigration. And that’s when the sweating started. I guess it’s impossible to keep an airport that size and in this climate adequately air conditioned – at least to my liking – and with my finely-tuned internal thermometer it was off to the perspiration races! Immigration was very smooth and painless and it didn’t take long to get our passports stamped, fine our luggage, and be on our way.

Our friend Yim met us at the terminal. My first brush with one of the many Thailand scam artists came when we got outside and into the airport taxi line. A Thai gypsy cab driver immediately honed in on us and tried to call us over to him with a series of frantic hand gestures. Once he saw that Mom and I were with Yim, however, he knew he wouldn’t be paying for an expensive dinner with his girlfriend with our Baht.

Mom and Yim

Mom and Yim

Did I mention the sweating? At 11:30PM it was 90-degrees and ridiculously humid. I felt like I had just finished a martial arts class by the time we got into the taxi. Luckily, the taxi had very good A/C and thirty minutes later we were at our hotel in Bangkok.

Yim and Josh Sweating

30 seconds in the Bangkok air, and I’m sweating already.

They must have thought Mom and I were married or something because our room only had one bed. We got that resolved in about three minutes (the hotel staff were all great) and were put into a nice two-bed suite. After some showers and light unpacking it was off to bed.

The Hotel