I think the trip finally caught up with me. I’m feeling sick with bad sinuses, dizziness, and aches-and-pains.

We had a tearful goodbye with Su’s parents and an aunt and uncle as we boarded the plane in Surat Thani to head back to Bangkok. Our mom’s really hit it off, and that means a lot to both Su and me. We have one more day in Thailand and then it’s back to reality. This trip has been amazing on so many levels, I don’t think I will ever be able to quantify how it has – and will – change me.

We got rooms at the swanky hotel right next to the airport to make things easier for tomorrow morning’s very early flight. Before heading off to sleep for the night, we made one last shopping excursion into Bangkok.

I had high hopes to pick up a few specific things on my last day in Thailand. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything except a Thai beer t-shirt (which wasn’t even on my list). Well, that’s not exactly true; I did find one thing I wanted, but they were asking way too much for it so I passed. Maybe next year I can find it somewhere else for much cheaper. And yes, I will be going back next year.