Okay, applause isn’t really necessary. But, if you really want to…

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, LTMS has a new design. I guess you can say that the effort put into making and implementing this new design shows that I’m planning on keeping it around for a while. I’m having a ton of fun learning more about Thai language and culture, and also sharing it with everyone who reads my blog.

It’s important that I mention two people who really helped me to put this together; the first is Jay Hafling who designed the original theme that I’m using for my templates. He also helped me with some customization. If you are interested in a blog you should check out his work. Secondly is the massive amount of design work done by my good friend Martin Kornick. He took a rough idea I had in my head and poorly described via email into the visual masterpiece that you see before you. He really brought the blog to life and pushed it to the next level. I only hope that my posting can do the design justice. Martin has also done a lot of graphic design work in many different areas; everything from CD artwork for major-league musicians to print ads, website designs, and everything in between. He also designed the Thai wedding invitations Su and I sent out.

Never mind my misshapen head, look at the great design work!

Never mind my misshapen head, look at the great design work!

If you are looking for some graphic design work, please talk to Martin. He’s absolutely worth every penny!

I would love to hear what you think of the new design. Please drop me a comment and share your thoughts with me.