Glenn Slayden (of and I collaborated on an online typing tutor program/game that is designed to help assist you in learning the keyboard mapping of Thai characters on an English keyboard. I originally designed this game to not only help me learn to type Thai, but I also wanted a fun project to work on that involved only HTML and the jQuery javascript library. (Work programming can be boring when you have to do it; I wanted to program something that interested me and will help others, too.)

If you remember the old Space Invaders video game from 1978 then you have a pretty good idea of how the tutor works. Consonants and vowels drop from the top of the screen, and you have until the bottom of the screen to correctly type the answer. Your score is marked on the right, as well as some filters Glenn put in to help you concentrate on specific things. You can start, pause, and restart the game as you like.

You can play the game on, and sometime in 2010 I will be releasing another online Thai learning game (again on TLC or perhaps here on this blog).

Good luck!