All pictures used with Permission, Lanna Innovation

Thai food is a very strong bonding element in Thai culture. So much activity revolves around food and food culture that I’m hard pressed to think of a more popular method of socialization. I cannot tell you the number of times my wife and her friends have gotten together and basically cooked the entire day; cooking, eating, talking… all day long. But it’s almost as if the actual eating part is secondary to the event of cooking. Doggy bags and Tupperware bowls are required items to bring along. One only has to go into any Asian market to see hundreds of variations of Thai spices and food from Thailand to realize just how serious they are about food. I’m honestly surprised that the Food or Travel channels haven’t spent more time in Thailand showing off the wonderful culinary delights.

Even several of our American friends have commented to my wife and I about how much they love Thai food, wish they knew how to cook it, and jump at the chance to come over and eat it when we’re making it. Though I am surprised that it took this long, it’s not terribly surprising that a company would take the angle of teaching Thai through food. Be that as it may, Lanna Innovation has one again, well, innovated, with their latest set of flash cards; this time focusing on everyone’s favorite Thai culture subject — food.

In this first set, titled “The Basics,” Lanna Innovation gives you 40 of your favorite and most popular Thai dishes. The front of each card is written in Thai. It has the name of the food dish, an illustration (sometimes with variations), a description of not only the food but also how to prepare it, ingredients, and also where you can find it. The back of each card has that same information translated into English, along with a visual guide to correctly pronouncing the name of each dish. This feature was something I wasn’t too fond of in my review of the consonant and vowel flash card sets, but as I sat down with this set and looked it over it has become something that I can more comfortably understand as being a benefit rather than a detriment. Because learning the tones can be very difficult for most, having this information readily available actually makes sense.

Overall I think this is the best product Lanna has put out to date that I have reviewed. Every set of flash cards has been a steady improvement over the next, so I’m looking forward to seeing what their next ones will be. If I had to make one small critique it would be that the pictures were illustrations and not actual pictures. But the illustrations on the cards are very well done and in the grand scheme of things does not detract from the overall quality of the product.

At $8.99 USD (including free international shipping), the value you get is well worth the price. Visit Lanna Innovation’s website for more information on how to order the Thai Food Flash Cards.