Thai for Beginners

And the winners are…

As you probably know, I have been running a contest over the course of the past two weeks to win free copies of Paiboon Publishing’s Thai for Beginners iPhone app. The contest ended last night and I’m happy to be able to announce the winners.

So let’s click on through and see who the lucky winners are, shall we?

First and foremost, I would like to thank Kun Benjawan from Paiboon Publishing for offering the free codes to allow me to run the contest. Benjawan really works hard to promote the Thai language and work with other members of the language learning community. We are a small group, but we all really help each other to succeed and I think that’s awesome.

The contest itself generated five responses. I have four promo codes to give away, so what I was originally planning to do was put all of the names in a hat, and the one name that I picked out would, unfortunately, be the person that did not win.


Along comes a miracle worker in by the name of Catherine. You know her best as the brilliant mind behind the Women Learning Thai blog. It just so happens that Cat had an extra promo code that wasn’t used! She graciously gave it to me to give away, so I’m happy to report that all five entrants will receive a promo code for the Thai for Beginners app. The winners are: Hanspeter, Bernard, Lupe, Kim, and Aaron.

Congratulations to all of the winners, and big thanks to Cat from WLT and Benjawan from PP for including my small blog as part of the promotional cycle.

I will be emailing the winners their promo codes today/tonight. Make sure to redeem them right away, as the codes expire very soon!