This one is for you, the blog readers. It’s a chance for you to air your language-learning grievances and get some community involvement. As we reach the end of 2011 and head into the New Year (supposedly our last on the planet if you listen to the Tin Foil Hat Brigade) we usually spend an inordinate amount of time trying to think of new ways to torture ourselves to do things vastly different than the previous year.

Instead of trying to inspire you to come up with a list of language goals for the upcoming year, what I would like to hear from you is what you struggle with most. What gives you the most problems and causes you the most headaches?

I’ll start. For me, it’s vocabulary. I cannot for the life of me seem to remember the definitions of words. I have tried tons and tons of different methods, but no matter what I do I just cannot seem to get over the vocabulary hump.

How about you? What kills you the most? What gives you the most grief? What makes you want to pull your hair out?