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Thai Cheat Sheets

(Updated 04/21/2015)
I compiled all of the “rules” for Thai that I could find from the various resources I use (online and off) when I study. It has proven to be an immeasurable help to me, so hopefully it will help you, too!

Thai Cheat Sheets

Resources for the Cheat Sheets:


Manee was a series of books used in Thailand to teach young children how to read. It has since become a very popular piece of source material for both teachers and students alike. Below are links to all six “grades,” with each grade having two volumes. I strongly suggest you download and print these books to aid you in your studies.

Grade 1 – Volume 1 || Grade 1 – Volume 2

Grade 2 – Volume 1 || Grade 2 – Volume 2

Grade 3 – Volume 1 || Grade 3 – Volume 2

Grade 4 – Volume 1 || Grade 4 – Volume 2

Grade 5 – Volume 1 || Grade 5 – Volume 2

Grade 6 – Volume 1 || Grade 6 – Volume 2